All of our truffles and bonbons are hand made at the shop. Our chocolates take anywhere from two to three days depended on whether they are colored, hand-dipped or rolled and how many layers they contain.

Flavors include: 

ARAMINTA Dark Chocolate Peppermint Ganache in a  Dark Chocolate Shell
BANOFFEE PIE Dulche de Leche, banana ganache and a cookie crunch base,  in a white chocolate shell. 
BE STILL MY HEART A dark chocolate ganache infused with floral hints of rose and lychee, layered with a tart Raspberry Jelly, encased in a dark chocolate shell. 
BEAUREGARD A blend of fresh blueberries and white chocolate are blended together; add essence of Parma violets for a slight floral finish. 
CARAMELIA Caramalized Milk Chocolate Ganache in a Dark Chocolate Shell, Tossed in Cocoa Power. 
CARL'S OBSESSION House made caramel infused with Hibiscus Blossoms, for that sweet, yet tangy flavor, in a white chocolate shell
HAIR OF THE DAWG A combination of milk and dark chocolate ganache infused with Java Dawg "Big Dawg" gives a robust chocolate flavor. 
EARL GRAY & LAVENDER Local Tea Co. organic Earl Gray Tea, and lavender blossoms infused into dark chocolate. 
EGGNOG Creamy eggnog, nutmeg and brandy for a boozy holiday treat. CONTAINS ALCOHOL
LIME Fresh Florida Limes zested and juiced and then  blended with a creamy white ganache, in a white chocolate shell. 
MISS BETSY* House made liquid caramel made with Passionfruit juice and infused with Jasmine Tea; a tart-floral treat in 41% Milk Chocolate
MISTY ISLAY SCOTCH Dark Chocolate shell surrounding a decadent 10 year old Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch Ganache   CONTAINS ALCOHOL
MY AUNT ROSIE White chocolate blended with Mazzone Rosemary Olive Oil and cream, studded with caramelized almonds. 
PARADISE FOUND Real coconut and coconut milk blended with white chocolate and enrobed in dark chocolate - a taste of paradise
PB&J Natural peanut butter blended with milk & dark  chocolate, layered with a homemade strawberry jelly, in a milk chocolate shell.
PERSEPHONE Hibiscus flowers infused into a white chocolate ganache with pomegranate-yogurt powder blended in for a fruity, tart, berry blast of flavor. 
PUCKER UP, BUTTERCUP Fresh Florida Lemons zested and blended with a creamy white ganache, with a splash of limoncello and a sprinkle of fleur du sel
PUMPKIN SPIKED Pumpkin puree, blended with milk chocolate and pumpkin spices, with a dash of Siesta Key Spiced Rum. (contains alcohol)
RASPBERRY Fresh Raspberries and Cream blended into a Dark Chocolate Ganache, hand-dipped in a Dark Chocolate shell
HOT & FUZZY* Mazzone Peach Balsamic Reduction and Pepperoncino Olive Oil Ganache in a milk chocolate shell. 
SARASOTA SUNRISE Fresh Florida Oranges zested and blended in a creamy white ganache, with a hint of star anise, orange blossom and Cointreau  
SEA SALT CARAMEL Creamy caramel dipped in your choice of milk or dark chocolate and topped with Himalayan Pink Sea Salt 
SPICY SUNSET* Blood orange Pate de Fruit paired with a dark chocolate chipotle pepper ganache in a dark chocolate shell. 
TAHITIAN VANILLA Tahitian Vanilla blended into a creamy white chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate shell. 
THE DUDE Our classic beer ganache made using "Dude It's Brown" Beer from our friends at Brew Life Brewing on Beneva.
RASPBERRY-SCOTCH CLOUD CARAMEL* House-made caramel blended with raspberry puree and a shot of scotch. (contains alcohol)
St. Augustine BOURBON CARAMEL* House Made Liquid Caramel made with Florida Straight Bourbon from St. Augustine Distillery. (contains alcohol)


*International Chocolate Salon Winner

Please note that not all flavors are available at the same time. 

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